Special Projects & Events

As part of our Event services, we accommodate the music industry, sports, film logistics, music logistics, performing arts, luxurious goods and so much more!

Music Logistics

With our music industry logistics services, we know that releasing that single on time is critical. The last thing you want is the distribution breaking down. So whether you’re an out and out metal band or an orchestra, you can count on us. Making the call to JJX to manage your logistics needs means you and the team can focus on the next musical masterpiece. With JJX Logistics you can be sure that we will be a hit, just like your next release.

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Sports Logistics

It’s important to have the right team not just on the field, but also in the dugout and in the background. We move all sports kit, from goal posts, Rugby posts, American football posts to team kits. From Athletics to Rowing, Cricket bats to Swimming trunks. You name it we haul it. This is why at JJX Logistics you can be sure that sports logistics with us equals undefeated on the road.

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Film & Television Logistics

Whether you need a supporting arm or a lead role, JJX Time Critical Solutions will transport your red camera or complex equipment on demand and on schedule. When JJX is your leading role, you can be rest assured that we will deliver a sterling performance.

Specialist Project Logistics Services

With Specialist projects, it is critical for the logistics to turn up at site on time. At JJX Logistics, Time Critical Solutions is in our nature. So whether you are designing the next Sydney Opera House or the next Shard, you can be confident when choosing JJX Logistics for your special project.

Special Mentions

JJX Events and Entertainment service have a proven track record. Working with several major bands and artists to date including The Lines and The Proctors. This year was a great year at Convoy In The Park, we had a brilliant line up of trucks and it was a treat of a weekend. You can find more info about this even Here.

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